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How it Works

1. Submit your application

Before you can rent rooms at the center, you must submit an initial application, along with a $25 non-refundable processing fee. Background and credit checks are then performed. If you meet our criteria, you will be notified by email of your acceptance.

2. Registration

Upon acceptance of your application, a one-time registration fee of $75 is then submitted. You will be entered into our system, and a unique user ID will be established. You will receive an access card that will allow you access to the center and the individual rooms. You will use this ID for reserving space in any of our five rooms. Access to each room will be limited to the time reserved.

3. Reserve a room

Using your unique ID, you can log in to the system to schedule reservations of specific rooms. You can view a calendar showing which time slots each room is available, and you can schedule monthly or weekly or even single days. You will submit payment when you complete the reservation for the rooms.

4. Enjoy the space

Arrive at the Metis Center 5 minutes before your scheduled time, and enjoy the use of our facilities!